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ALNAMARIQ GROUP, one of the pioneers in the market to be exact, the 5th company in the whole of UAE from the start to enter into the Building solutions market which has initiated and maintained the growth of several multinational companies in the entire Emirates market. From the date of inception, we are one of the largest suppliers for USG-BORAL and GYPSEMNA.

Al Namariq Building Materials Trading Company LTD


To provide plausible, cost-effective, and dynamic building solutions for the ever-pullulating construction industry in the Middle East.


Be the decisive and absolute choice for clients inclined towards cost & excellence forever.

We are the largest suppliers for MNC brands like Knauf, UNITED Industries, Terraco, Saudi Rockwool, HILTI, and Saint Gobain Gyproc. We are also ranked first in the KNAUF Danoline supply chain list. Due to the vast market presence with over 30+ years of experience, we have backed up a long list of clientele starting from the value-oriented & cost-effective market to the highly prestigious and quality spenders. Due to our diverse customers, we always maintain competent and knowledgeable staff to back the process. We have also an Installation and Erection company in the name of SKYLINE DECOR as our sister concern in the field of Building Solutions.

• Build and establish a special ceilings solution technology in the market entire and exclusive to Namariq
• Build brand and product awareness, and increase market share through creative marketing strategies.
• Target new and existing capable customers on the luxury end
• Provide end-to-end solutions in these Special ceilings solutions market.

• A well-established brand name (NAMARIQ) with decade’s worth of experience.
• Multi sales points in the most business-oriented locations across the Emirates.
• Well Trained and technically sound sales force with decade’s worth of experience.
• A very versatile, sound, and trustable customer database in turn goes on both sides.
• A capable installation and erections company as a sister concern.