The advantages of the Gypsum Board construction over the traditional Block work Construction are numerous. Among these advantages, we could cite without being limitative the following:

  • The Economy in cost and saving in space.
  • The better quality of surface finish.
  • The speed of installation.
  • The elimination of Plastering.
  • The ease of installing the electrical and sanitary services.
  • The possibility of accommodating air conditioning pipes and ducts in the gypsum board ceilings.
  • The possibility to construct after installation of carpeting, which is highly appreciated for tailoring the space to the needs of the tenant, particularly in case of office buildings.
  • The possibility of continuing other activities immediately after installation and without waiting for setting or drying.

The ease of installation which makes it possible for the individual to-do-it-himself for home rearrangement.

Al Wafaa Group